Markl is a puzzle game. The game will be released as Hundred Rabbits sometime in 2019, for all desktop platforms.


To progress through the world, you move with a limited set of steps and direction. As a player, you must figure out how to get to where you need to go with these limitations, and to acquire new 'moves' from the Power Givers.





You can cycle through 4 characters: Lancer, Pest, Patience and Sin. Each have their own specific moves, that make it possible to get where you need to go.

More information coming soon.

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Developer: Hundredrabbits, based somewhere in the pacific ocean. Release date: Est. release sometime in 2019 Stores: Platforms: PC, Mac and Linux Price: Not yet available Demo: No demo available Rekka Bellum Art and animation Devine Lu Linvega: Programming, game design and music Developer: Hundredrabbits Email: Twitter: @rekkabell @neauoire